Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ladybug, Ladybug...

Yesterday my sweet little "Laney-bug" turned 3! Hard to believe time has progressed so quickly. I remember this day all so well:

My little pocket of a person was born weighing in at a mere 5'8". Her daddy didn't know what to do with her because he never had one so tiny! Today, she is a full three years old and still just a pocket of a person:

How does one describe Laney? She is the funniest, sweetest, kissiest, stubbornist child.

Laney loves all things girl, I mean, come on, the girls first word was "Shoe". No - really, I promise! She has an unnatural obsession - well unnatural at her age - with shoes. You know how some children lay out a temper tantrum in the Toys section - well, my daughter does it in the Shoe section. Don't believe me?


She gets up every morning and requires her daily dose of "Lipstick" - and if I refuse, she decides to do it herself (when no one is looking of course):

You'll note she at least got
the lipstick and mascara in
the proper area!

She loves to wear her bows and requires the ability to pick her own clothing every morning. Heaven help you if you attempt to dress her in something you picked out! Oh - and the independentness doesn't stop there - you must put her on the counter to pick out her own sippy. If you don't - she noodles. Noodles? Keep scrolling:

This is Laney noodle-ing. Her body
loses all strength and she just
melts into the floor, and if you
picke her up - she hangs there -
like a limp noodle.

Laney is such a joyous little girl - so full of character, so full of life! She makes every day a little bit sweeter!

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