Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Yummy Potato Soup

Finding a really good Potato Soup is harder. Making one is even harder!

I am a new devoted Ree Drummond fan - so another shout out to Ree, you can find the recipe here: http://tastykitchen.com/recipes/soups/perfect-potato-soup/?print=1/#size3x5; and my alterations are to follow!

So this recipe was fabulous. I admit, I was kinda skeptical on the whole blender moment, my gag reflux was getting to me, BUT - I found it WAS the key to the delicious creaminess. Yummy!

Since we are a family of spice hating children, I did omit the cayenne...Boo. Not my choice. So, to give it some yummy flavor I put my personal classic baked chicken seasoning mix in the soup - Paprika, Sage and some Garlic Powder (or Garlic Salt with no regular salt if you prefer). I added a TSP of each based on this recipe size. I added it once the soup was all said and cooked and was just simmering away; about 6-7 minutes before serving so the flavors were still fresh.

The only REAL change I would make to this is I would double up the potatoes and veggies to make it chunkier just because we like a chunkier soup. This was a really, really good base for it or for a mostly cream soup though.

We also found ourselves wishing we made more bacon! We made half a pack but I should of made a whole pack. We. Love. Bacon.

We topped ours with shredded cheddar cheese since that's what we had and the kids like, and some sour cream for those who like it also.

The husband made some homemade French bread to go with this and it was a perfect complement. It was like Panera had opened up in our kitchen for a night.

This night we only had 5 of our 8 children so there was plenty of soup for seconds and only a small bowl leftover. WHEN, not IF, WHEN I make this again (and soon), I will up the portions sizes significantly so all 10 of can have seconds and still have leftovers.

(P.S. - I ate the bowl of leftover - simply warmed it in a saucepan - and I was contemplating making another whole pot cause I wanted another bowl so much!)

Step by step photography will accompany my next attempt!

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